Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dirty deeds done in back rooms

Writing at Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, Kurt Hofmann notes:
Claire Wolfe has long argued that, "Secret government is tyrannical government." It's tyrannical, because only government by the people, is not tyrannical. And government is not "by the people" when "the people" are not even allowed to know what their servants in government are doing.
Hofmann's article specifically deals with the emergence of a largely opaque group of state lawmakers who vow to pursue more restrictive gun control laws. And he's right to apply Wolfe's observation.

No one should be trusting of a group that conceals its membership roster as well as its financial backers.

But the Wolfe philosophy has even larger relevance in these uprecedented times.

The perils of secrecy also apply to a government that hashes out routine business behind closed doors, withholding even the most rudimentary disclosures until the last minute; waiting so late, even those who must vote on a measure often don't have time or don't bother to read it before voting. The way the Congress recently crammed through its CRomnibus appropriation bill also carries this trait of tyranny.

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