Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Is someone pulling strings, or is the hard truth just too hard for some to take?

There've been hints of speculation by some that perhaps Obama and his team may have some special sway over House Speaker John Boehner.

From Chris Muir's Day by Day Cartoon:

Matt Drudge had this:

It's not my intent to spread idle rumors or speculation, but Washington's a tough place to keep a secret. Especially a big secret over a long period of time. Is there a wannabe whistleblower out there with a racing heart, on the verge of offering revelation? If so, now's the time to come forward. Or begin a series of leaks.

Or is it just the betrayal perpetrated by Mr. Boehner goes so deep, people grasp at conspiracy theories, trying to find some way to explain his behavior as something other than simple out-right free-will complicity with those seeking to fundamentally transform America?

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  1. Hey Doug,
    I keep wondering what they have on Boehner, he keeps rolling over for them. To me he is endemic of the "elitist" that inhabited D.C on the Potomac. He and his ilk are more concerned about keeping their perks and privileges rather than doing what is right.