Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Letter to my congressman regarding immigration

Yes, I've written my congressman again. 

If you haven't written to yours, you should. Time runs short, and those we've sent to DC continue to trek down a destructive path.

Topic: Immigration
Subtopic: The GOP has lost its soul, Boehner is betraying America

Dear Representative Woodall, 
I see radical Left members of Congress are exploiting the House floor to push debunked Mike Brown "hands up" propaganda. 
At the same time, I also read your GOP House leadership remains in full appeasement mode, ready to give Mr. Obama the funding he needs to usurp Congressional power, and violate the Constitution with an immigration power grab.  
Seriously, Mr. Woodall, America voted Republican seeking a party that would stand up and turn back the abuses of Obama's fundamental transformation.  
Yet Republicans seemingly remain stuck in stupid, groveling for positive press in the New York Times.  
The nation sees the GOP cowardice. Even full blown Communists have emerged from the shadows and once again proclaim revolution in our streets. 
Yes, the GOP will word its complicity carefully. Votes will be engineered so representatives from the most conservative districts (guys like you) can give a "show" vote against funding Obama's immigration agenda. But the bottom line is that Republicans in the House remain in lock-step behind your Quisling-like Speaker Boehner, who has every intention of letting Obama's immigration disaster move forward. 
Am I wrong? If so, tell me where or why. 
Regardless of how you personally vote, you and your Republican colleagues will share the blame for trashing the Constitution, and the unraveling of America. 
I voted for you. Now you tell me how you personally are taking a stand to right the wrongs the GOP leadership is perpetrating, and how you intend to play part in setting the Republican Party in DC back on a Constitutional course. 
Thank you in advance, I await your reply. 

Don't give members of Congress an out to say "they didn't know" what was transpiring.

Let them (especially Republicans) know you're on to their games.

Lay the facts out for them, whether you are represented by a Republican or a Democrat.

Demand accountability. .

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