Wednesday, December 10, 2014

NBC law breaker

Despite official warning, an NBC program host went on TV and willfully showed himself violating the law in Washington DC. 

Remember how David Gregory waved that rifle mag in the face of an NRA official?

Possession of the mag was illegal in the district.
Legal Insurrection was one of the first to note the violation of law, and we pursued the story in a long series of posts. 
Despite the clear violation of law, the D.C. Attorney General, Irvin Nathan, decided not to prosecute Gregory or any NBC News personnel.

That’s not how the average person is treated in D.C., where the technicalities of the gun laws are enforced with obsessive prosecutorial vigor.
Legal Insurrection went to court to win access to a supporting document, one that shows NBC was warned in advance not to use an actual magazine.

David Gregory may be gone from NBC. But there's nothing to suggest DC's double standard legal games don't remain in full force.

Laws, it seems, are for little people. Or for others who otherwise fall outside government's favored status.

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