Thursday, December 18, 2014

Selling the sellout

Local paper covered an event featuring my Republican congressman.

Don't worry, be happy, he says.

All those trillions in debt we're racking up are going to deliver America's best days ever.

This guy's peddling some Kool-Aid that would make Jim Jones blush.

The Gwinnett Daily Post quotes Rep. Rob Woodall (R-GA):
“I am grateful for the opportunity to serve you,” he said. “I won’t tell you that every day is a good day, but I will tell you that there’s nobody on Capitol Hill that has a bigger smile on their face than I do because there is nobody on Capitol Hill who represents folks who are as committed to each other as a community than those of us here in Gwinnett and across the border into Forsyth County.”  
And what happens at the community level, Woodall said, is what makes America great — not what happens in Washington, D.C.  
“I see nothing but better things ahead for America,” he said. “I have no doubt that America’s best days are ahead.” 

There's no will in DC to make hard choices, make necessary reforms. Sure, they tell you there is. But they've been telling us that for years.

So, they tell us all is well. We're good people. We're in good hands.

Then they fly back to DC and resume their business as usual politics.

And that national debt, much of it accrued from programs they use to keep us distracted from the painful truth, keeps getting bigger and bigger.


  1. Hey Doug,

    All they are interested in is keeping the party going and keeping their perks as the "elitist" in D.C. They don't care about the little people except when it is election time. I am a firm believer in "Citizen Legislators". Back in the day, they were supposed to spend their time with their constituents and don't forget where they came from. You know here in GA the legislators are in session for 40 days so they have little time to cause mischief....and it ties up the hookers up for only 40 days.

    1. We'd learn a lot about our representation if we went to a limited congressional calendar. The Georgia 40 day model is idea. If lawmakers spent a bulk of their time in home districts, the boys on K Street would have a much harder time peddling influence.