Monday, December 1, 2014

The Commies are stirring

Many of today's Americans put Communists on par with monsters under the bed. They may have seemed real in childhood, but neither is treated with any sense of reality today.

Well, think again about the commies.

Apparently openly branded Communists are starting to come out of the woodwork.

They're energized by the Ferguson riots in Missouri and around the nation. They even claim responsibility for playing a big part.  They seem to think they're on a roll.

I say let 'em.

Their "revolution" hasn't advanced nearly far enough to start running through the streets with red flags.

Real life Communists, trying to lead the proletariat into a real life revolution. Maybe, just maybe, it's what we need to wake up those Americans who thus far have refused to wake up and see America unraveling (or being intentionally unraveled) around them.

Barack Obama's probably gonna be pissed.

It was 30 some years ago that student Obama is said to have expressed open expectations for a Marxist revolution to topple capitalist America, though in recent years he's seemingly substituted something called fundamental transformation to label his dreams of a revolutionary American remake.

And now a bunch of commies are gonna blow the cover, and put their ugly face on what he and the progressive hard cores up to.

Question is, will agitating Communists stick with their street effort long enough to really get people's attention. Or will this latest round of uprising fizzle, and they soon fade back into the woodwork?

On a related note: It's not just Communists trying to grow Ferguson protests into something bigger. Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan recently stoked a race war theme in an speech before a cheering audience at a college in Baltimore.

Update: For one of the Commie chants used in Ferguson,  check out the Tweet embedded here, be sure to click on the audio.

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