Friday, December 12, 2014

The hit to our republic gets worse the deeper you look

Well, well, just looked what they crammed into Crominibus.

Perhaps Boehner and his Quisling "establishment" Republicans think their rich friends will just buy future elections for them. notes:

Tea party activists are attacking a campaign finance rider in the $1.1 trillion spending bill that they view as a sneaky power grab by establishment Republicans designed to undermine outside conservative groups. 
The provision would increase the amount of money a single donor could give to national party committees each year from $97,200 to as much as $777,600 by allowing them to set up different funds for certain expenses. The change would be a huge boost for party committees that have faced steep challenges in recent years from well-funded outside groups.

The goal, it seems, is to build party machines big enough to keep members of Congress in line with Big Party agenda, as well as beat back any primary challengers.

In other words, no more fretting over pesky Tea Parties or independent thinking conservatives. Big Parties will own Congress. The likely bottom-line result: Individual members will no longer have the clout or freedom to actually represent constituents.

We lost more of our republic last night than most folks realize.

Seriously doubt the senate has the will to resist.

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  1. Hey Doug,
    The democrats have operated this way for years, they have a political machine that is unrivaled, they pick candidates before the primaries so their candidates have it easy and they have a complicit media to assist them.