Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Republican sell out isn't an overnight phenomenon

Yes, I voted for Mitt Romney in 2012, but I had longstanding reservations of what a Romney victory might mean.

I outlined my apprehensions of a potential Romney presidency, but more importantly, the overall "mainstream" Republican Party, in a January 2012 post:

I would feel better about Romney had the current GOP leadership and Republican dominated House showed the principles and resistance it promised it would deliver with the November 2010 elections. So far, their performance has been marginal at best, and compromise seems to have gone in favor of the president. 
An Obama second term would likely face continued resistance from Republicans. But a President Romney would  likely return to his roots, and strive to show compromise with Democrats. Compromise would be spun as progress, and Republicans would join right in.
If we're going to continue on the path that destroys liberty and adds to the national debt, why not let a Democrat own it? The Republicans, by their own performance over the past decade or so, have shown they have little interest in sticking to true conservative ideals. If we're going to have a progressive president, I'd rather have one that galvanizes resistance than one who lulls the resistance into complacency.

Well, here we are: December 2014, just a month after another Republican congressional landslide delivered by passionate conservative voters.

And John Boehner of the House and Mitch McConnell of the Senate work to sell out the party's conservative base in record time.

Damn. Just damn.

I get no pleasure from being right about this stuff.

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