Saturday, December 20, 2014

Using social media for effective political protest

Don and I kick around some ideas on Friday's program about using social media to voice political protest.

It's all built around a rising people's campaign that House Speaker Boehner must be denied another term, more principled House leadership must be imposed by Republicans in Congress

A caller bought additional advice gained from experience to the program.

It was a great first hour, and I highly recommend.

As far as influencing Congress, and turning America around, Don still thinks we're past the point of no return. Don't expect a mass wake-up prior to some sort of crash that grows ever more near.

I'm in the camp that hopes we can still soften the crash, and at the very least, make those in DC understand we're on to their tricks, and have tired of their arrogance.

The caller retains optimism. And is waging incremental battles one at a time.

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