Tuesday, December 2, 2014

White privilege is code speak

I'm seeing lots of Lefties blasting what they call "white privilege."

Here's one article. Here's another.

And there's the story of a guilt tripped college student who thinks that he, as a white person, deserves to be robbed.

Please understand, "white privilege" is an exploitative term likely meant as code-speak to attack the precepts of  western civilization, and our American system of constitutional law.

White lefties can loathe themselves all they want.

But don't let 'em guilt anyone into giving up their rights and freedoms.

America hasn't been perfect, but it's long been on a course to greater equality where a person would be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of one's skin.

At least, that seemed the course until progressive race-baiters rose to power.

Sewing racial division now seems to be a big plank in Obama's platform of fundamental transform.

We must all rise to resist the discord and damage intolerant progressives attempt to inflict.

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  1. Hey Doug,

    I told my son who mentioned that word"White Privilege", he was messing with me of course. I told him," be loud, be proud, we represent the best of Western civilization, who has done more for the world, brought more people out of poverty, made the individual the centerpiece, not the state or the tribe, and have by our ingenuity have given more to the world than all those pasty faced hacks could ever dream of." To me the words "White Privilege" is just another word for white guilt and institutional discrimination.