Friday, December 12, 2014

Who do they represent?

Georgia is among the states joining a lawsuit to block President Obama's executive amnesty plan.

Meanwhile, Georgia's congressional delegation overwhelmingly votes, via Cromnibus, to fund start-up of the executive amnesty Georgia's fighting in court.

How many other states have congressional delegations that voted in direct conflict with the wishes and intent of their state governments and constituents back home?

Seems to me, our supposed congressional reps have deeper allegiance to DC than they do us folk back on the home turf.

Americans declared independence and fought a war over lack of representation.

Does Congress understand the depth of its Cromnibus folly?

Does Congress understand how high the stakes are?

1 comment:

  1. Hey Doug,
    The present congress holds more loyalty toward their perks and privileges than to their oath. I am not sure if the "new" congress will be any better. I am hopeful that the new additions will give the "stupid" party some spine.