Friday, January 9, 2015

Free Community College

The Obama administration has begun pitching a "Free Community College" plan where government will pick up the tab for students attending two year schools.

Look at the way easy money student loans fueled escalating college education costs. Now Obama wants "Free Community College"?

Bottom line, this dangerous proposal will inflate demand, pressure quality of services, lead to escalating overall costs as schools attempt to cope with the new demands placed on them.

Pure insanity.

Once government starts paying your way, how long before government demands the right to pick your area of study, expecting the power to pick your vocation for you?

At some point in life, education consumers need to understand there are costs associated with the schooling they receive. Government continues to plot and scheme to hide or defer those costs, often to the long term detriment of those students government claims to be helping.

Grow up America. Learn to stand on our own two feet, and pay your own way.

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