Thursday, January 29, 2015

More banker suicides

From American Thinker:
Western bankers are dropping dead all over the place - most of them youngish and in good health. There appear to be an unusual number of suicides and "unexplained" deaths. 
Last year, 36 bankers died. There have been 3 already this year, including the latest - a Dutch financier who worked for Amro bank.
 "Who's killing the bankers of Europe?"

Over at Sipsey Street, Mike Vanderboegh notes it sounds like a bad '70s movie.

The American Thinker article notes that some complex conspiracy probably isn't in the cards here.

But how many prominent bankers know time's running out on the financial gamesmanship that's allowed the myth of normalcy to remain intact the past few years (or longer)?

How many feel a sense of guilt or despair knowing what may lie just around the corner?

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