Thursday, January 29, 2015

More energy savings

A simple home-brew LED light fixture can replace traditional florescent fixtures mounted above a drop ceiling.

A pair of these now light a basement room using four 6-watt bulbs, replacing three florescent fixtures that used six 40-watt florescent bulbs. Twenty-four watts versus 240 watts, and light levels are still quite functional.

The LED bulbs here are rated as 40-watt incandescent equivalents. I find them every bit as bright as Edison style 60 watters. I initially tried a pair of 60-watt equivalents in this application, but the light was so harsh, it gave me a headache. We pretty much limit 60-watt equivalent LEDs to porch or garage fixtures.

Clarification: These lights tied to the standard household wiring sytem, and are not part of the solar powered system noted in other posts.

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