Sunday, January 25, 2015

Obamaville, USA

Big story in the LA Times says homeless camps are spreading beyond their traditional boundaries in Los Angeles. 

I have some ideas on why this is happening. And it's not just happening in LA.

More regulations, and more taxes (direct and indirect) have stymied job growth. I read somewhere this week that the U.S. still shows a net loss of two million full time jobs compared to 2007, while our adult population swelled by 16 million in the same period.

More people continue to enter the country illegally through sloppy loose borders, and we have a president who welcomes illegals to stay and compete for our jobs.  Illegal immigration also places burdens on America's already stressed social service safety nets.

Even some legal immigration, being pushed by the federal government as refugee resettlement, is pushing some cities to the brink on the social service front.

Don't expect good times to return under failed leadership.

Obama promised hope and change, but instead delivered an America better known for its declining conditions exemplified, in part, by an emergence of homeless camps being dubbed Obamavilles.

The story being told in Los Angeles is part of a much bigger picture. But most U.S. media dare not take on the broader circumstance for fear of bursting the myth of economic recovery, or putting a real face on Obama's fundamental transformation of America.

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