Sunday, January 11, 2015

Slow charge

Finally pulled together elements of the solar kit last night, leaving it in place to grab some rays today.

Solar controller and battery bank (at lower right), day one.
Trouble was, there weren't any. Or not enough to really matter.

Cloudy, overcast skies made for one of those days where you wanted to drive with headlights on.

The net voltage gain on my otherwise idle 12 volt 105ah battery bank? A skimpy half volt for the day.

Oh well, I knew today would be a bad day for solar. Tomorrow and Tuesday have rain forecast as well.

FYI, yes, I skipped fusing between the array and the controller, and between the controller and the battery bank. The fuse holders I plan to use haven't arrived yet, but will be added on delivery (presumably this week),  Meanwhile, I'm taking regular readings on voltages, and I'm fretting amperage overloads if the skies remain as they did today.

And yes, I mounted the charge controller on a bread pan as precautionary measure should the unit eventually be prone to operational heating.

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