Thursday, February 19, 2015

Churning butter?

Daniel Henninger writes at the Wall Street Journal
The Obama anti-ISIS “coalition” is essentially a pick-up basketball team without a coach. That video of Mr. Obama shooting air baskets in the Oval Office and giving himself a fist-pump for the effort about sums up the U.S.’s virtual foreign policy. 
Leftist realpolitik—melting guns so it can churn more butter—may survive a pullout from the world in normal times. But it’s not going to hold for the next two years, not at this pace, not with Islam’s jihadists using social media to make all of us party to the de-civilizing of the world.
Sorry, I don't buy that Obama's  trying to "churn more butter."

Taking a broad view of his game and his results to-date, Obama's detachment seems more of a ruse intended to buy more time and give more advantage to the enemies of America (as well as the rest of Western Civ).

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