Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Firefighters back off when they heard ammo cooking off

Did firefighters in Connecticut do all they could to save the home of a firearms dealer?

Seems when firefighters arrived, they heard ammo exploding in the home... and reportedly chose to fight the fire "defensively", which usually means from outside only.

I guess it depends on how much ammo was inside and, more on point, what type it was. And whether it was loaded in firearms. But I have to wonder how much factual training these firefighters have when it comes to ammo.

As a rule, ammo in a fire seems to present danger comparable to things like aerosol cans, and perhaps much less risk than things like camping propane tanks, gasoline cans or lawnmowers.

Here's a video. Fast forward to about 13:11 to see how ammo "cooks off" in a fire, and how firefighter turnout gear provides protection at reasonable distances.

Will be interesting to see how investigators assess and grade the efforts of firefighters today in Connecticut.

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