Thursday, February 26, 2015

George Soros is funding Obama's "net neutrality" push

It's reported George Soros has pumped $196 million into Obama's efforts to seize regulatory control of the Internet, and has placed so-called net neutrality proponents on White House staff.

Here's another odd report: Google and other Internet firms have won concessions, and revisions have been made to the "net neutrality" plan after their request.

Did Google get to see the "net neutrality" plan that's been kept secret from the rest of America, or did it just guess at what the plan said when it requested changes?

Net neutrality's looking more and more like Obamacare. Big biz cronies have the inside scoop, while the American people are left in the dark til the plan's a done deal.

The FCC's still expected to vote on this shove-it-down-our-throats plan later today.

The closer we get to a vote, the worse this thing smells.


  1. Any idea how many millions of dollars Comcast, Time Warner, Verizon and other big telecommunication/cable players pumped into the effort to defeat net neutrality? A whole lot! Citing that fact would have gone a long way toward lending some balance to this entry. That is if the goal of this blog is to achieve some balance here.

  2. I find it hard for anyone to defend bureaucratic regulations they've thus far been forbidden by the government to review for themselves. If the FCC's Soros-backed "net neutrality" is so great, why can't we see what's in it?