Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Looking for a used car

I'm looking to pick up an older used car to be used by a young driver.

In the old days, you'd check the newspaper, maybe just drive around town looking for cars in driveways with signs on the windows.

Well, it seems most the older used car sales have migrated to Craigslist now, and media reports can make it sound as if every Craigslist transaction is a potential ambush.

Yesterday, there was a report of a college student killed trying to buy a phone. A couple weeks ago, an older couple was killed shopping for a car.

I'll tread softly in the Craigslist territory, paying special attention to neighborhoods and other surroundings where these cars are located. I may also see what car dealers have on their lots, even though I know it means some mark-up is involved.

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