Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pelosi's team bumbled as bad as Boehner's

Earlier today, Democrats were pounding their chests over the way Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats came to "rescue" John Boehner's Republican efforts to keep DHS open.

So, Pelosi caved...

What's up with that?

Didn't Nan get the memo that Dems wanted a shutdown for fundraising purposes?

From The Hill:
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on Saturday emailed supporters incorrectly saying that Republicans had allowed the Department of Homeland Security to shut down.  
"Republicans forced a shutdown of Homeland Security. It started at MIDNIGHT last night," the DCCC wrote in a fundraising email to supporters shortly after 9 a.m. Saturday.  
"Together, we can make the Republicans regret their destructive choice to shut down President Obama’s agenda. Don’t miss this chance!" the email added. 
Understand the bottom line:

Pelosi ordered House Democrats to vote against Boehner's short term DHS funding plan on Friday.

A fundraising letter was prepared blaming Republicans for failing to muster vote for passage to keep DHS open.

But Pelosi apparently had a change of heart, and gave up enough Democrat votes at the last minute late Friday night to keep DHS open.

The disingenuous Democrat fundraising letter went out anyway.

This completely crashes Democrat attempts to spin Friday's events. Not that Boehner gets any bragging rights for his own botched attempts at complicity with the administration.

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