Friday, February 27, 2015

Republicans endorse Obama's dictatorship

More funding for Obama's illegal executive amnesty appears to be on the way, courtesy of Quislings in the Republican Party.

Republicans in the House and Senate can't find the courage to defend the Constitution and American rule of law, so today they scramble in an attempt to approve more short term funding for Obama's Department of Homeland Security including his by-decree executive amnesty program.

Meanwhile, Obama has warned agents at DHS that he expects them to follow his policies rather than Constitutional law. If they don't, there will be consequences.

America is in trouble when a president places himself above rule of law, above the courts, and a majority of those in Congress cast the Constitution and give the rogue president permission to continue his fundamental transformation.

Don and I discuss this dangerous state of affairs on today's Don and Doug webcast.

But wait, there's more!

It seems some House members have broken ranks with the Speaker's sell-out.

How long will the rebellion last?

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