Friday, February 20, 2015

The Obamanet vote is only days away

We're said to be just six days away from an FCC vote where government will grab regulatory control of the Internet.

Do you understand what's at risk here?

Have you written to Obama's puppet of an FCC Chairman to declare your opposition?

His email address is here.

Better write now. Before the Intenet becomes the Obamanet.

Update: And yes, the FCC Chairman has thus far refused to share the text of proposed Internet regulations with the American people. It's the latest example of a now familiar progressive Democrat theme: Government gets to approve and lock-in changes in your life before you get to know what those changes are.

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  1. As expected, "experts" like Motley conveniently avoid any discussion that Comcast, Time Warner, etc. are not just the pipeline providers, they're also heavily invested or own substantial swaths of entertainment and sports programming that they send over their mostly monopoly broadband networks. If they reserve their fastest speeds and access priorities for their vested programming interests (and you know they will) but throttle or slow access to competing customer programming choices such as Netflix and other program content creators then the American consumer deserves net neutrality. It's not rocket science no matter how this dude wants to spin the obvious.