Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Weather forecasts got some things wrong...

No, we didn't get a major ice event. But close enough.

This neighboring tree always
leans, at midnight last night,
it was bent twice as low.
Weather forecasts going into last night called for temperatures rising into the high 30s or low 40s,
with rain continuing until around 3:00 am. Then the rain was supposed to cease, and by 4:00 am, the temps were going to start falling into the 20s. 

Didn't quite happen that way. 

Between nightfall and sunrise, temps didn't waver much beyond a range of 31 and 33. 

And ice was quick to form. 

By 10:00 pm, limbs were falling with regularity.

But things could have been a lot worse. The rain stopped before midnight, and with it, any additional ice accumulation. Trees and branches stopped falling. Power stayed on except for a couple of momentary burps. 

I will say, the smartest thing we did a year and a a half ago was to remove the last of the tall pines near the house. We would have likely taken some direct hits last night if those trees had still been in place. Every remaining pine around here dropped some kind of limbs prior to midnight last night.

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