Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bibi was exploited by disingenuous Republicans

My congressman spoke from the House floor immediately following the Netanyahu address. 

Grieves me to say, today's GOP has stooped low enough to exploit excitement over the Israeli prime minister's address to slip through DHS funding that includes money to move ahead on executive action amnesty.

So, my letter to Congressman Woodall;

Using an address to Congress by the Israeli prime minister to distract from a fast moving push to fund Obama's executive amnesty is beyond shameful. 
You seem more than complicit with this action. As you appeared on the House floor following Netanyahu, you promised transparently, yet you deflected to some marginal bill about passenger rail reform. Lessons of history make it ironic that you chose now to express concern that America pass reform to get our trains running on time. 
We have entered a dark era in American history, one that's pushed forward by a Congress full of members who shirk their oath to uphold the Constitution.  
You should be ashamed at the way the GOP has sold out for cheap perks promised to the elites as part of Obama's fundamental transformation.  
Today's action may escape immediate notice by most Americans. But it will be common knowledge on election day 2016.

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