Wednesday, March 11, 2015

CB rules have changed

FCC rules for Citizens Band radio have changed over the years.

Most notably, no license is required like it was back in the CB craze days of the 1970s.

At the same time, new parts have been added to FCC Part 95, Subpart D...

According to a CB Service Rules guide I received with a new radio, CB usage now comes with environmental restrictions under SS95.406(B):
If your CB station will be constructed in an environmentally sensitive site, or will be operated in such a manner to raise environmental problems, under SS1.1307 of this chapter, you must provide an environmental assessment, as set forth in SS1.1311 of this chapter, and undergo the environmental review, SS1312 of this chapter before commencement of construction.
Wouldn't want that new 4-watt CB station doing any harm to rare bugs or plants, now would we?

Makes me wonder.

What kind of environmental restrictions might the FCC put on the Internet now that its grabbed regulatory control? Any chance people living in "environmentally sensitive" locations may someday be required to conduct a study and undergo environmental review before having a burrowed cable run to their house?

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