Sunday, March 1, 2015

Intriguing report as Netanyahu heads to Washington

What would the status of Obama's presidency be today if he had ordered U.S. forces to shoot down Israeli military planes last year?

There's a report that says he indeed gave Israel such a warning if it moved to target Iranian nuke facilities.

Yes, the report has only indirect sourcing. Yet it seems in line with the way Obama and John Kerry see and treat Israel, so I find it intriguing.

How would American military personnel have responded if given such an order?

How would Americans have reacted had cable news suddenly started airing reports of Obama-ordered forces shooting down Israeli jets to protect Iran?

Brings to mind another matter. What's Benjamin Netanyahu going to say once he's in DC?

I've never seen the kind of counter push the White House is dishing out before a speech is even given. It's almost like the White House knows Netanyahu has information gravely detrimental to the administration.

I guess the big question is, how far will Bibi go in laying his cards on the table at this particular time?

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