Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Cheney channels "Don and Doug"

For those who've followed the webcast Don Dickinson and I've done for the past four years, you might think Dick Cheney's now channeling some of our early webcasts.

Cheney was on Hugh Hewitt's radio program yesterday.

Via the Daily Caller:
HEWITT: Is he naive, Mr. Vice President? Or does he have a far reaching vision that only he entertains of a realigned Middle East. That somehow it all works out in the end.  
CHENEY: I don’t know Hugh. I vacillate between the various theories I’ve heard. If you had somebody who, as president — who wanted to take America down. Who wanted to fundamentally weaken our position in the world, reduce our capacity to influence events. Turn our back on our allies and encourage our enemies, it would look exactly like what Barack Obama is doing. I think his actions are constituted in my mind are those of the worst president we’ve ever had.
With Congress doing little more than cowering in the shadows, and many on the federal bench aligned with Obama and the progressive Democrats, the next two years in America will be an especially perilous time, with dire potential for worse things to be inflicted on this country by a president either too naive (and too arrogant to see his incompetence) to function as a leader or by someone intentionally bent on inflicting harm on America.

Personally, I've come to believe no one could be as incompetent as the Obama team has apparently shown itself to be, but I admit there's still a chunk of speculation mixed into my assessment.

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