Wednesday, April 1, 2015

More snubs and power grabs from Team Obama

It seems Obama's rogue government gets a little more ballsy with each passing day.

Homeland Security apparently believes it is no longer accountable to we the people, or the representatives we've elected and sent to Congress.
Citing a lack of cooperation from the Secret Service, Chairman Jason Chaffetz of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform issued subpoenas for two Secret Service agents to testify to the committee about recent security breaches and other disfunction at the agency. Chaffetz said that Secret Service director Clancy has gone back on a promise to make the two unnamed agents available to be interviewed by his committee, prompting the subpoenas. Within hours, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson fired back a sharply worded statement denying the charges of uncooperativeness along with a veiled threat to defy the subpoenas.

Meanwhile, Obama may bypass Congress in favor of UN climate mandates.

Yeah, yeah. Republicans bluster with their usual objections.

But as long as Republicans continue to fully fund the Obama administration, including Obama's rogue agencies and executive actions, I see Republicans as complicit with every misdeed the president undertakes.

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  1. hey Doug;

    All the establishment GOP want to do is keep all their perks and benefits as part of the ruling class. They will talk a good game about Obama..but they are too spineless to do anything.