Saturday, May 23, 2015

Another knife in the back

Last year, the Republican establishment assured Americans the best way to hold rogue Obama presidential actions in check was to vote in a Republican controlled senate to work in concert with a Republican controlled House.

Post election passage of CRominbus, rising out of the Republican House late last year that including funding for key Obama programs, was the first major sign of how badly we'd been snookered.

Then came passage of longer term funding, facilitated by Republicans in Congress, for Obama's executive amnesty program that Republicans campaigned last year saying they'd stop.


Senate Republicans soundly just gave Obama wider executive powers to "fast-track" a secretive new trade deal that even the president's own party says is poison to America.

Thanks to Congressional Republican stupidity, the anti-Obama voter in 2016 may also be an anti-Republican one as well.

How much more harm can Obama do now that he has McConnell in the Senate and Boehner in the House working in full complicity toward what Obama once called his plan to fundamentally change the United States of America?

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