Sunday, May 10, 2015

Another stolen gun recovered

A gun reported stolen in Alabama has been recovered from the butt cheeks of a suspect in Jersey.

The UK Daily Mail notes:
Darquan R. Lee, 21, was being booked into Cumberland County Jail in Bridgeton, New Jersey, on a contempt of court warrant when the weapon was discovered.  
When he arrived at a police station he asked to use the bathroom, but when officers said he would be patted down and searched beforehand, he quickly decided he didn't need to go. 
According to, it led police to believe he was hiding something inside his 'anal cavity'. 
Jailers were warned Lee could be hiding contraband, but during a search they found the .25-caliber automatic handgun 'shoved' between his butt cheeks.
For the record, stolen guns don't move through any background check system. Each time a gun in criminal possession is shown to be stolen, it further dings the credibility of the hysterical "more gun control" crowd.

Encouraging to see more media accounts involving armed suspects now seem to note when recovered guns were previously stolen, rather than leave the assumption that they came into criminal hands by way of a lawful source.

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