Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cheap hammock from Amazon

The low price lured me in. $16.50 for a hammock on Amazon, shipping included. I wasn't sure what to expect from something that cost less than a single dinner at most restaurants, but my initial impression is that the Yes4All hammock gives decent value for the money.

No, it's not the higher end fabric or cordage found in more expensive hammocks, and while the ends are triple stitched, the sides are not. Still this budget item seems to fulfill its intended function.

Yes4All hammock with sides folded over
inserted USGI foam sleeping mat I already had.
I set the thing up in the backyard and gave it a test.  Cord and fabric seems to stretch (I hung the
hammock using Atlas straps, so it wasn't the straps that were stretching). I swapped out the cord on each end of the hammock with some slightly better remnants I had, giving a more toned down look (my hammock is forest green and black cord looks better in the wild than the stock white). I also tied off the cordage shorter than the way it came; the original length seemed excessive.. I had to reset the stretched hammock on my hanging straps several times in the first couple of hours of afternoon of break-in, but only had to reset for additional stretching once using it overnight, so their seems. to be a limit to how much it will stretch.

The steel carabiners seem robust, but heavy. The ones that came with my hammock also have some rough edges where they clasp, and might have snagged the Atlas Straps if I wasn't being extra careful. I will probably swap them out for something lighter.
Plenty o' space in this single-style hammock,
the inserted milsurp sleeping mat shows scale.

Some reviewers on Amazon commented this hammock is a bit short compared to some others. I'm 5' 9", and there was plenty of room to spare. I like the shorter length, as a rainfly will give better coverage on the ends. The hammock is large enough to accommodate an unaltered USGI foam sleeping pad, providing for economical underside insulation on cool nights.

Really, there's nothing to complain about. Best I can tell, it's a solid deal at the offer price. How well it will hold up under regular use, I can't say. But as a spare, for a guest camper, or something to stick in a bugout bag until something better can be acquired, this should do fine. It might also make a good test subject for someone unsure about hammock camping before buying a more expensive one. Having a pleasant night in this, I may go ahead and spring for an ENO SingleNest.

Meanwhile, I think this budget hammock will store well behind the seat of my pickup, along with a set of cheap cargo straps from Harbor Freight for hanging. Never know when or where I may get the urge to nap, or decide to overnight at a property I'm renovating.

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