Tuesday, May 12, 2015

OMG, the oceans are rising!

When you get past the alarmist headline that states "Sea Levels Rose at Faster Pace", you can look within this Wall Street Journal story to see the data presented.

"The revised estimates showed that the average global sea level had increased by 2.6-2.9 millimeters a year between 1993 and 2014—less than the previous estimates of 3.2 millimeters a year," says WSJ.

Be generous. Give the estimate 3 millimeters a year. That's less an 12 inches in a century. And that's assuming this recently reduced estimate is accurate.

Earth's oceans have been rising and falling since the earth's had oceans. Why does do the global warming gurus have so much trouble with this?

Note: If the link says you need a subscription to see the story, try copying the text within one of the quotes here and paste it in a search engine. Chances are, you'll get linked to the WSJ story where you can open it.

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