Sunday, May 10, 2015

Persecuting Pam Geller for daring to predictably lure attackers into play

Can't get over how the Left and its Left leaning media worked overtime last week to vilify and persecute Pam Geller as a provocateur in the thwarted Islamist attack at the Mohammed cartoon contest in Garland, Texas.

The Lefties, it seems, were eager to latch onto any so-called conservatives they could enlist to the cause.

I see where Talking Points Memo was able to scrounge around and find seven conservatives who are critical of Pam Geller's confrontational approach to Islam.  For those not going to the link, here's the list: Greta Van Sustern, Bill O'Reilly, Donald Trump ,Geraldo Rivera, Bill Donahue, Martha MacCallum, Rev. Franklin Graham, and Laura Ingraham

I got a chuckle that Geraldo Rivera is now touted as a conservative.

Or that Bill O'Reilly, after a recent bashing campaign over his actions in Argentina 30 years ago, is now a bastion of credibility to be commended by the Lefties at Talking Points for his wisdom.

Super self-promoter Donald Trump also made the list.

And I'd expect members of the Christian clergy to have tactics different than Geller. Especially guys like Franklin Graham, whose Samaritan Purse organisation often has people in harm's way, and sometimes under direct fire overseas from Islamic factions.

There's something about conservatives the Left fails to understand. Conservatives tend to be free thinkers, at least freer than their counterparts on the Left. So, yes, expect some differences of opinion from time to time.

Geller's tactics may be distasteful to some. Some might even call it hate speech. But the fact is is, followers of Islam behaved exactly as Geller says they do. The attack on the cartoon contest only shows Geller's warnings aren't based in hysteria or paranoia.

There are Muslims out there bent on behaving in line with teachings of the Prophet Mohammed, and are dedicated to killing those infidels who won't submit.

Maybe the hard truth about radical Islam is too hard for many, including some conservatives, to accept. The naysayers may be a lot like those who brushed off the Nazis rise to power in Germany in the 1930s. Back then, Winston Churchill played a role perhaps comparable to the one now played by Pam Geller.

Ol' Winston was shoved off to the sidelines, his warnings of a rapidly rising fascist threat were largely dismissed by the mainstream as the Brits who, still remembering the carnage of WWI, sought what they thought a wiser, more peaceful appeasement orchestrated by Neville Chamberlain.

In the end, it wasn't Chamberlain who saved Britain from a Nazi onslaught.

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