Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Poor, poor Michelle O

It seems Michelle Obama says she has it rough as First Lady. 

A while back, we collected and shared a series of official White House photos that detail some of the hard work Mrs. Obama partakes in.

There's stunts with TV talk hosts, photo ops with football players, doing bunny dances with little kiddies...

Potato sack racing can take a toll on a person.

Official White House photo

Yeah, Ol' Michelle's got it rough.

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  1. Hey Doug;

    With Blackie O I am just at a loss for words, she has had a heck of a party at the tax payers expense for 6 years. Obama's vacations have become legendary for their expenses and nobody will say anything for fear of being labeled "racist". They and their cronies have plundered this country and have lowered the bar. Now we have Hillary trying to make a run for the same thing and I have this feeling that she will win, partly due to identity politics and the GOP will run another inept candidate against her