Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Rand Paul's big miss

Don't think Rand Paul's gonna woo many voters with his latest attempt at anti-Hillary spin..

“I’ll ask Hillary Clinton, what have you done for criminal justice? Your husband passed all the laws that put a generation of black men in prison. Her husband was responsible for that,” Paul is quoted as saying at TheHill.com.


Maybe Paul's not old enough to remember how out of control some of America's urban centers were in the early 1990s. Gangs were running wild, the crack epidemic was taking a mounting toll.

I was a news reporter in Atlanta in the early '90s,, and I recall how gangs controlled many an Atlanta public housing project. As a reporter in the city then, I recall several cops being killed in the line of duty. And there were what almost became "routine" drug related killings, not always confined to the "bad" 'hoods.

Rand Paul now plays the revisionist historian in the worst way. And Rand has to know, in the '90s, Bill Clinton was just one of the players behind tougher laws that helped, for the time, turn back a tide of violent crime that definitely needed turning back.

Many of the tough anti-crime legislation of the '90s were passed on the state level, California's "three strikes" law is just one example. And Bill Clinton was not in the mix.

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