Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Left wants a draft

The Left increasingly sees military as a tool for forced social change.

Women in combat, gay and transgender acceptance, anti-Christian dogma...

Now that these and other PC views are getting embedded in the services, no one should be surprised that the Left now ramps up efforts to start selling America on reviving the draft.

The Left's primary desire in reviving the draft, I suspect, is not because it's vital to the defense of America, but to force wide exposure to what amounts to a year or two or three of Pentagon administered progressive-themed reeducation camp.

Might also serve a purpose to make some of the unemployed youth vanish from federal unemployment stats for a time.

Can you imagine the sorry draftees that would be pulled into the ranks with a draft? All for the sake of diversity, of course.

Then again, dodging the draft might be easier in our progressive era.

Don't wanna serve? Get a quick diagnosis in ADHD or some kind of bi-polar malady, and get the doc to prescribe the proper meds that are on the military's no-go list.

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  1. Hey Doug;

    I am or was a member of the "All Volunteer" force and we have a better army with volunteers than with draftee's. You are correct that if the left is successful in using the military as a "soft" progressive" indoctrination program, they can poison a generation of people. That being can bite them in the butt, not all the warriors have been pushed out.