Saturday, May 2, 2015

Understanding the sheeple, but not tempted to join them

As previously mentioned, my time's being consumed with the renovation of a couple of rental properties. The one I'm doing now is getting a top to bottom make-over. Repair of cedar siding, some plumbing fixes, new sliding glass doors to the deck, rehabbing the deck as well... and that's maybe a third of the "to do list."

Needless to say, that means less time for reading and blogging.

And I've found, if you do turn off the macro-view input of how perilous the times are, things can seem very normal, even serene, as I go through a day of work doing things I enjoy doing.

To me, this helps explain the sheeple syndrome that grips America. Spring's here. Weather's warming. Grass and trees are greening. The sky's still blue. The average low-info American sees no reason to disrupt his/her ignorant bliss by disturbing it with stark realities of political events and economic circumstances. That stuff, if they're aware of it at all, seems to be matters going on somewhere over the horizon. It comforts the sheeple to stick to their backyards.

While I've seemingly been distanced enough to catch a glimpse of this sheeple mindset, I've not shut myself off from broader issues. I still make some time each day for catching up on the day's events; Don and I continue to do our weekly webcast.

Iran now stalks shipping in the Straits of Hormuz, and went unchallenged when it seized a cargo ship and crew this week. Russian Bear bombers now encroach on U.S. air defense zones unchallenged by U.S. fighter interceptors. Europe struggles to keep up the appearance of a functioning economy, and even negative interest rates there can't seem to trigger a real rebound. The week the Fed also seemed to distance itself from the long touted ambition of a U.S. interest rate hike in 2015. All the hype of a growing U.S. economy was dashed with a flat GDP in the first quarter.

Then there's the mess in Baltimore, or the ludicrous antics of Hillary Clinton who seems more the out-of-touch one-percenter progressive who grows ever more desperate as she attempts to show some relevance in her quest for the White House.

Plenty of other stuff out there that can put a damper on your attitude. But, trust me, it's stuff you're better off knowing in the long run.

America continues in decline on many levels, and at an escalating rate. Fooling yourself with ignorance is a sucker's game.

Get engaged, stay engaged. Be the informed electorate the founders intended to keep this country on course.

Soon enough our national (and international) dysfunction will show itself in the ugliest of undeniable ways.

Don't be taken by surprise when it does.

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