Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Back on the subject of flashlights

Two hundred, five hundred, a thousand or more lumens.

Seems there's no limit to the brightness and beams in today's modern flashlights.

But I have a question: How robust are these increasingly electronics based units?

I blogged last week that I upgraded some older Maglite flashlights, as we ll as purchased a new Gen-3 LED Maglite.  Lite the Gen-3 Mag, many of the new, superpower flashlights have permanent bulbs, not replaceable ones.  And I'm reading at least a handful of reviews that say some of these electronic lights can be unstable, even damaged to the point of failure, if used with rechargeable batteries.

I don't have big bucks to pile into flightlights, and while it's nice to have one or two around with super-beams., updating an older light with a retrofit LED bulb offers a decent amount a light without having a unit loaded with vulnerable circuits.

I may eventually splurge for a light with bigger lumens and lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. But for the time being, I feel most comfortable knowing most the retrofit lights I have can deliver mid-range LED illumination while also being powered by off the shelf AA or D size batteries, either fresh-bought or recharged without the vulnerability that comes with electronics.  That said having a few extra bulbs is always a good idea, just in case resupply becomes impractical or impossible.

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