Monday, June 22, 2015

Exploiting crisis tor political gamesmanship

While the political panders remain obsessed with South Carolina's display of a Confederate flag, let's take account of some of the other news of the weekend...

As of Sunday afternoon, four had been killed and at least 22 wounded in all-too-typical weekend violence in self-proclaimed progressive urban Chicago.

In Detroit, a dozen people were shot at a child's birthday party, one of them killed.

Meanwhile in Baltimore, under the city's progressive Democrat leadership, city leaders now claim the police department there has become a cesspool filled with corruption, and they all but promise more police officers will face arrest. Gonna be tough on residents there as police become increasingly dysfunctional, residents knowing the city can't seem to manage the police, and the police become knowing the city won't back 'em up as they attempt to control hostile streets.

But politically correct progressives, including paid activists and community organizers, as well as meddling Republicans like Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush, treat the flag in South Carolina's as the country's biggest domestic crisis. They demand the flag's removal just like ISIS or the Taliban demand removal of items or images they find offensive.

Seriously, people. When is America going to wake up and recognize the decoys and distractions?

When will Americans en masse begin to see how far America's fallen?

When they do, let's hope Americans will be smart enough to see the societal decline has nothing to do with an historical remembrance flying in South Carolina.

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