Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Lighter, brighter flashlights

There's apparently a relatively new Maglite flashlight on the market, an update on one of those big thingys that takes three D-cell batteries.

Saw one at Walmart, and it's also available on Amazon. Said to pack 625 lumens on its high output setting. Sounds impressive. And there's three brightness settings, so you don't have to over illuminate. And it's said to be much lighter in weight than the older full-side Mags I've been toting and using for a couple of decades.

Of course, the thing's got electronics, so it'll probably go dead in an EMP type event.

Still, the day to day and other preparedness applications are too numerous to mention. I'm tempted to pick one up.

I've seen less advanced LED 3-D-cell Maglites, at 114 Lumens, on Amazon for under $20.

Even 114 lumens is way beyond anything I have now.

I also saw LED upgrade bulbs at Home Depot for older non-LED flashlights.  Bought one this week.

Substantial improvement, at a rating of 55 lumens, over the standard bulb that was in my 20+ year old 2 D-cell Maglite.

Pricey at nine bucks, but the price-point was much lower than the new model Mag, and it should be a battery saver. Tried it out last night. The LED conversion makes for a vast improvement in brightness and range over the old fashion bulbs. Tempted to get several more and upgrade my other D cell lights.

There are several videos on YouTube that showcase how drasticly flashlight performance is improved with LED update kits.

Of course, as I upgrade I'll save the older bulbs (and any original parts) as spares.

Sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse, I'm usually one to lag behind when it comes to adopting most new technology. Flashlight technology is vastly improved since I did any kind of a substantial upgrade.  I guess it's about time I took the plunge.

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