Thursday, June 11, 2015

Paul Ryan, the little tyrant

In 2012, Republican elites (and a bunch of Republican voters) told us Paul Ryan would be a great vice president, and they made him the party's nominee.

Fast forward to present, and Congressman Paul Ryan shows himself to be nothing more than a petty tyrant, obsessed with secrecy, someone who aspires to be another Nancy Pelosi.

To right minded Americans who want to review Obamatrade legislation prior to a Congressional vote, the little tyrant Ryan offers up this response:

“It’s declassified and made public once it’s agreed to.” 

In other words, Ryan wants the bill passed before those of us he considers the little people get to see what's in it.

Why is a prospective trade treaty, let alone legislation intended to guide the treaty's negotiation, considered "classified" in the first place?

The concept of American representative government appears to be dead. The oligarchs in DC don't even pretend it still exists or offer lip service to it any more.

Goes back to something I've noted for years.

American political elites increasingly function like their European counterparts who gave rise to fascism in the 1930s.

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