Thursday, July 9, 2015

Coincidence? I think not

Biz and government can tell you yesterday's cyber outages were isolated, and not the result of any hacking.

But what are the chances so many happened in such close proximity (and I've heard or otherwise know of others besides those mentioned in this LA Times article).

Words to the wise: If you're on the road (local or long distance), don't depend exclusively on a smart phone or other GPS device o navigate your trip. At the very least, look over the whole route before embarking, in the event your GPS goes dark while in transit.

And don't depend exclusively on credit cards, pack a little cash in your wallet. Credit card processors are susceptible to the same kind of outages seen yesterday.  Heck, I've seen lightning take out credit card processing on a hyper-local basis, and had to use cash that time to make a gasoline purchase.

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