Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Do you really live with what they're selling?

The Confederate flag flap is just part of a game. An excuse to disingenuously stir emotions, lay blame, and position "progressives" to tout their sort of self-proclaimed moral supremacy.

I'm surprised more American don't see through it. Or maybe they do see it; they're just scared of being called racist if they say so.

John Hawkins writes at
Smearing millions of innocent people as racist, deliberately trying to stir up hatred over race just like the KKK does and trying to shift the blame for the failures of the Democrat Party over to another group of innocent people is not just morally wrong, it’s vile and un-American. It’s also more than a little similar to what Germans were trying to do to Jews in the early thirties. If it breaks Godwin’s Law to mention that, then so be it, because sometimes when the jackboot fits, Democrats should wear it.
I find it enlightening that the progressive mob, which largely rose to power touting themes of tolerance, now shows very clear signs it's morphed into totalitarians.

Progressivism was never about tolerance. It's always been about power, and escalating that power by any means necessary.

Indeed, today's America progressives now openly seem to share tactics to Europe's fascists of the 1930s.

Do you really want to live in the kind of America they're now in the process of ushering in?

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  1. Hey Doug,
    I am going to cut and paste a post I did touched on what you are talking about...I touched on the Confederate Flag, and "white Power" to what I call the endgame...
    "It isn't much of a stretch, I see history replaying before me, I see the same thing that Lenin and later Stalin did to break the power of the kulaks whom were land owning peasants. In the modern sense, they need to break what they call the political power of the middle class to guarantee their power. If they can use social pressure to make a law to seize the assets of people that are considered "class enemies". Remember the 401K's that millions of people have....most of them are middle class and white. That is an example. That is billions of dollars sitting in there where the government can't touch it....But the government can change the rules, then seize it....You doubt me? look at Greece, Cyprus and other places. The government seized assets for the "Common good". See a parallel? the outrage you see against whites is just an excuse for plunder on a wide scale. The government in the name of social justice and equality can and will seize assets....They will use the social outrage, the same thing Lenin and Stalin used against the Kulaks to further the transforming of Russia into the Soviet Union. The enemy of the political elites are the middle class, the SJW's are useful idiots being used to create a have and an have not society. The middle class is a check on the power of the political elite. The elitist would have a complete society that depended on them for sustenance..once you control their sustenance, you control them....then you can do whatever you wanted. That is the Endgame."