Thursday, July 9, 2015

Follow the money

So HUD finally did it. Came out with new rules intended to"diversify" more of America's neighborhoods.

Same kind of social engineering that made a mess of many an America city will now target the 'burbs where those who could fled.

But I'm still thinking it's more about the money here than it is about fostering racial diversity.

What are the chances this new HUD oversight will provide an excuse to withhold federal funds from conservative, Republican voting communities, freeing up that cash to bestow on Democrat-voting urban centers?

1 comment:

  1. Hey Doug,

    " Now you know that the President Obama has the most transparent administration in history and the democrats wouldn't do such a thing because it is "unfair".....<---*Sarcasm*

    The democrats play to win...the GOP views the democrats as the "loyal opposition", they don't realize that the democrats REALLY want to change the country into the socialist utopia that is just over the next hill once all the bitter clingers are disposed of....