Saturday, July 18, 2015

Past time to arm recruiters

The military knows its recruiting offices are soft targets for terrorists.

As reported at Military Times:
“Recruiting offices have been kind of on the leading edge of targets simply because they are both ubiquitous and they’re vulnerable,” said Brian Michael Jenkins, senior adviser to the president of  Rand Corp... 
“These recruiting offices are everywhere,” he said. “They’re in shopping centers. They’re all around the country. So if you think about attacking a military target, as opposed to driving to some military base where there will be armed guards at the gate; if you want a geographically convenient, readily accessible target that the shooter can portray as a military target, then recruiting stations fit the bill. So the attack, while shocking, is not surprising.” 
It's past time to allow recruiters to carry firearms. Military personnel are trained professionals when it comes to safety practices and use of firearms. And the the threats they face from a known enemy is more than theoretical.

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