Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Retired basketball great Bob Kauffman passes

Bob Kauffman played for the Seattle SuperSonics, Chicago Bulls, Buffalo Braves and Atlanta Hawks, and then went on to management roles with the Hawks and Pistons.

The man was an inspiration to me, but it had nothing to do with basketball.

I was at the lowest of the low points in my battle with cancer more than 7 years ago, and this very tall fellow approached me at church one Sunday night. He too had battled, and won, his fight against the very same type of cancer, he said. I was too out of it from chemo and radiation to remember exactly what he said, but his words were compassionate, to the point, and inspirational. Divinely inspired, I dare say. I was reinvigorated with a will to win.

Before I knew anything about his history in basketball, Kauffman impressed me as a compassionate servant of the living God.

Prayers for his family. Rest in peace, Bob Kauffman.

Kaufman's obit in the Gwinnett Daily Post can be found here.

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