Tuesday, July 28, 2015

What's in a name?

The Left now apparently puts forth the premise that the name "Forrest", if spelled with two Rs, is racist.

In the tiny community of Pine Lake, Georgia, residents fret that having the name on street signs sends the wrong message. WSB TV reports some of the city's residents believe Forrest Road might be named for Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest.

I watched the report. There's a city official who's concerned the stigma attached to the name drives business away from local merchants. I seriously about that to be the case.

I doubt anyone outside Pine Lake even knows there's a Forrest Road there. I doubt anyone with a brain would even care. Nevertheless, there's a petition drive underway to change the name.

If we start exorcising all the Forrests and their namesakes, what comes next?

The names Lee, Davis, or Jackson?

Speaking of Jackson, what about Stonewall?

Does the name Stonewall present any conflicts for the gay community?

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  1. Hey Dave,

    If I recall...Pine lake got busted a few years ago for running one hell of a speed trap town. they were raking it in for years before the state got wise to it and basically yanked their police dept from them.
    OTOH..they hypersensitivity is getting old....I don't know about you but I am getting real tired of the B.S. to the point I don't care what they think...screw them....or words to that effect. if businesses are not in a certain area...I am sure the name of the streets ain't a factor....It will be other reasons...