Thursday, August 13, 2015

Like it never (maybe almost never) happened

A few weeks back, there was a good deal of buzz when the head of the Atlanta NAACP called for the removal of the Confederate memorial from the side of Stone Mountain Park. Around the same time, someone snatched a Confederate flag from a flagpole at the park (The missing flag quickly replaced with another Confederate flag).

In response, a few hundred Confederate flag wavers, and a handful of armed "militia", showed up on a Saturday to demonstrate in favor of the Confederate remembrances.



Snopes, the website that prides itself as a debunker of urban legends seems of a mind that calls to blast the memorial off the side of the mountain is mostly the stuff of, well, urban legend.
Although subsequent references to an NAACP statement calling for the destruction of the Stone Mountain carving were rife in articles across the web, we were unable to locate an actual copy of the purported statement to review its content or substantiate its existence. 
Other media "fact checkers" latch on. 

Too bad Nikki Haley was in a rush to appease what she perceived as progressive mobs.

Maybe calls to remove the Confederate flag from South Carolina's capital grounds would have vanished in similar fashion. 

And lest you begin to doubt your recollection or sanity, many in mainstream media reported the call to sandblast Stone Mountain. The Los Angeles Times was one of them

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  1. Hey Doug,

    I read the article on the AJC and on "Drudge". I was driving from Zebulon to Griffin and a bunch of pickup trucks were going the other direction and all of them had the confederate flags flying off of them. To me the confederate flag is becoming the overreach symbol of the P.C movement