Sunday, August 2, 2015

"The Gathering Storm"

"The Gathering Storm" is movie based on the years in Winston Churchill's life directly preceding the start of World War II. Apparently a joint effort by HBO and the BBC, it was produced in 2002, and seems to have striking relevance today.

While the film's producers pitched the picture to potential viewers as the love story between Churchill and his wife, it is just as strongly fashioned to show the levels of denial in Britain as Germany ramped up for war. It's portrayed in the picture that the British government deliberately hid alarmist material from the public and policy makers, as to create a "pro-peace" atmosphere aligned with public sentiment. Churchill oft stood alone in sounding relevant alarms, and was chastised by the establishment for violating the political correctness of his day.

As America faces challenges today, and an often deceptive executive branch builds policies on false narratives, while unwilling to share vital information with either the public or Congress, there are lessons to be learned from the Churchill story. 

I found "The Gathering Storm" while flipping through the Comcast on-demand HBO movie tab. 

There are DVD and streaming versions is also available to rent or purchase through Amazon.

Someone's also downloaded it, in sequential segments, what appears to be an unofficial or bootleg post on YouTube.

One more thing. There's a brief nude scene (rear view) of a solitary Churchill in the film's first few minutes. If that's a put-off to you, know that the scene is the only one of its kind in the film. Get through it, and go on. You don't have to worry about any repeats of Churchill practicing a speech while going to the bathroom. 

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